Pregnancy & Birthing

Pregnancy in an adventure. There can be challenges experienced during pre-natal, birthing and post-natal periods of a pregnancy. You can be a high risk pregnancy, causing anxiety, based upon your age or other factors. You can discover serious genetic complications that mean making tough choices. A pregnancy may not go to term. The birthing experience my not have gone as planned including fear of danger to self and child. Some mothers have difficulty breast feeding due to past sexual abuse trauma. And over 50% of women who are unable to become pregnant have symptoms of trauma.

  • Do you feel depressed losing a child before term or making the choice to terminate a pregnancy due to genetic complications?
  • Are you feeling in shock from a traumatic experience in labor and are now having difficulty being present and attending to your child and other members of your family?
  • Do you have unexpected strong repulsive feelings for your baby whenever s/he attempts to breastfeed?
  • Have you survived past childhood or adult sexual abuse?
  • Are you feeling depressed, hopeless or self-blame for having difficulty getting pregnant?

Eye Movement Trauma Therapy is a highly effective treatment in clearing the specific trauma related to the pregnancy and birth experience. I have successfully guided women through the EMDR process to reprocess and clear out anxiety and self-blame so that they are able to regain their confidence and joy in life as well as to engage in meaningful relationships with family and friends.

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