Auto Accidents

People who have been in car accidents may find it difficult to travel in a vehicle without re-experience the scary emotional memories.  It is normal to experience anxiety after being in a car accident. This becomes a problem when you begin to avoid necessary daily routines and tasks like getting in a car and going to work or taking children to school and events. EMDR is specifically designed to relieve these anxieties and allow you to resume your daily routines with out these intense sensations.

  • Do you find it difficult to travel in a vehicle? Do you find yourself avoiding making travel plans?
  • Do particular types of roads or landmarks make you uneasy?
  • Do you experience dread, shortness of breathe, sweaty palms, increased heart rate — in relation to vehicles or traveling?

I can help you to process the emotional fear and avoidance from a car accident through guiding you through EMDR therapy. Specific events like auto accidents are often treated successfully with EMDR so that all or most anxiety related to your accident is diminished or eliminated. EMDR works equally well with children and adults.

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