Adolescents & Parenting

I have found that the key to most child-rearing concerns and issues is effectively working with parents through education and support  to assist your child to develop the tools and skills to be productive and successful.


African-American single-parent familyWe now know that the social and emotional health of children is the most important factor in their development.  And that the health and well-being of children’s relationships with their parents or adult care-givers is the number one factor in achieving social and emotional health.

I work with parents through coaching, providing literature and advocacy when needed to achieve this type of relationship with their children.

I developed a 12-week curriculum for children ages 5-8 and 9-12 who live or have lived in high conflict homes. 


I love working with adolescents.  It is a wonderful time of life where experiences have full impact on teens and seem to have that extra power to shape their future lives. I have a unique ability to connect with many teens and utilize specific cognitive-behavioral techniques including EMDR to great effect. 

I have over 25 years experience working with adolescents on issues ranging from self-esteem and anxiety, family relationship issues, and physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction and dating violence.  I have been a referral source for many schools in Seattle and participated in developing adolescent curricula for the Seattle Public School District on Healthy Teen Relationships. I have also been a mental health evaluator for teens in King County Detention Youth Services incarcerated on drug and alcohol charges.

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