I am a trauma therapist because I have a desire and a passion to ease people’s pain and suffering. This desire is based on first hand experience. I know what it is like to be fearful and anxious and to have to figure out on your own how to cope with scary situations. I know how those experiences can interfere with your ability to trust and have meaningful relationships.

I also know first hand what it takes to heal from trauma and become an even stronger and healthier human being with rich and rewarding relationships. This personal experience, combined with professional trauma therapy knowledge, enables me to be a powerful caring healer and to connect deeply with clients.

I bring 25 years of experience providing compassionate and skillful trauma therapy to children, teenagers and adults living in the Seattle Metropolitan area. I am a certified EMDR practitioner and have conducted over 60 trainings and workshops locally, nationally and internationally. I have a Master of Social Work from the University of Washington (1990) and am a licensed clinical social worker.

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